Game Influences: Hamlet…. Yes. Hamlet.

Ok. I won’t lie. With all of the influences that games are affected by, it’s not surprising that themes and tropes from even Shakespearean plays have made their way into the gaming world. And a prime example… would be Hamlet. The Game. Yes, One of Shakespeare’s most famous plays has somehow made it as a game. It’s a cartoony point and click adventure game, where you travel through the plot of Hamlet. And I will admit, it looks hilarious.

Yup. That’s Polonius in the weird hazmat suit looking thing, with Ophelia in a cage locked away from Hamlet. The tiny kid in the corner. Fine, Not as appealing as it would seem to be, but it does follow the plot of Hamlet. Albeit loosely. I don’t remember Hamlet having to save Ophelia like a damsel in distress at all, nor do I remember Polonius ever having to wear a hazmat suit. But this game is focused more around puzzles for kids, and even then, it’s definitely kid friendly, because you kill Claudius by drowning him. Yes. Drowning him.

How the game ever managed to get past beta i will never know. But reading Hamlet definitely gave me insight into some game themes. One of which is having to plot an intricate vendetta against one person, only to have it end in your death as well as multiple others. I won’t lie. This was the most ridiculous game I’ve seen in quite a while, and I almost died laughing at it’s content.

Here’s a prime example. 


Glaring problems aside, It is and was definitely entertaining to see such a formal work of art influence such a ridiculous game. Just goes to show that there’s always a good influence out there somewhere.