Gotta have some idea on where to look for a GAL

There’s an idea out there that’ll help you find your GAL but the question has to be asked. Where in the world am I going to get these ideas? For me, it’s all about getting to the heart of gaming, where I can find a game that helps influence my art, and helps change my life. For me, and millions like me, it’s all about League of Legends.

Wait. Wait. Wait. Before you start booing and jeering, or cheering and screaming, just hear me out. I’d rather my opinion be heard before it gets shredded by the public.

My best example here would be with a fellow graphic artist. He’s played League enough to love the game. He’s also played enough to really like a certain Champion (character you can play as, if you just don’t happen to know). My example here is his Wallpaper he did for a champion by the name of Draven.

 photo vV72wlt_zps9daa9fac.jpg

I’ve stumbled across tons of gaming art: on Reddit, DeviantArt, and even company concept art for their assorted games. It all inspires me to do something just as great, and just as good. It’s something that I’ve been using recently to rekindle the fire that I’ve had towards game art and design for quite a while…

THere’s other ideas out there. And I’ll always bring some back to you guys, to give other people inspiration like they all did for me.


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