Plans never survive first contact with reality.

Never really thought that the class I’m in now would really open my eyes to how easily plans are shut down. After being a crop for crows to pick at, criticize, and question how my plan was going to go down, I decided that I would go with my backup plan : a graphic novel. Ok so I know it’s not exactly the best plan and I’ve been ridiculed for it, but if I didn’t do anything that people talked trash on of mine, I wouldn’t have any of my own art. This class kinda reinforced the idea that ideas need to be fluid. And that’ll help with my novel, considering that the medium has to flow with what peoples interests these days… And to go along with this theme of flowing plans: here’s one of my favorite quotes.


Life is all about innovation.

There’s nothing better when a new piece of art has been created. There’s just as much joy when a new game is created, and just as much when something new and technological has been created. Innovation is the key to life. Life never stands still, and so innovation helps push it along. And thus, my steps to innovation.

1. Acquire idea

2. Acquire materials.

3. Start working on it.

4. Fail utterly and miserably. (Or not, if you’re just that cool.)

5. Get more materials, get help from friends.

6. Fail again, if you didn’t learn enough from your first mistake.

7. GAIN MOAR MATERIALS… and more friends if you can or if your other friends gave up.

8. SUCCEED, as your project/innovation/idea comes to life and now exists.

9. ????

10. Profit. TIs the way of life.

I’m an artist at heart, who happens to be a gamer. So at the end of the day, I’ve always had scraps of art laying around. It got put down before it became too hectic and out of hand to draw. But when I do go through with it… You get stuff like this…

Credit to original artist, I helped with the colouring and shading of this.

What having a GAL is like…

Yeah, I know. You ladies men out there have all the girls and all other guys are still trying to find a girlfriend, or the lucky ones haven’t ever fallen in love… with anyone real, at least. But in this case, it’s not about the girl. Not necessarily at least. It’s about finding a game. Yes, that’s right, a lot of people are in search of a Game. A Game that affects your Art, which then in turn affects your Life. So….. You have a GAL yet?